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Catalyst by Zoho

Catalyst is the simplest serverless platform for building and deploying highly scalable applications.

Our software engineers are backed by:

  • I/O, event, cron and other functions.
  • Business workflows using circuits.
  • Relational datastore, filestore & cache.
  • Intuitive AI tools for building apps.
  • Built-in services for app operations.

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Catalyst Partnership

We officially signed a partnership deal with Zoho Corporation on January 20, 2023. As partners, our software engineers would help you build apps with Catalyst.


Perform simple functions for input and output operations / computations. Setup functions for routing, streaming and parsing huge data. Manage data, users, events and integrations.

Basic I/O Functions

Basic I/O Functions

Advanced I/O Functions

Advanced I/O Functions

Event Functions

Event Functions

Cron Functions

Cron Functions

Integration Functions

Integration Functions


Design workflows and orchestrate functions using circuits to create mission critical tasks.

Circuits comes with branching, retries, fallbacks and other resources for designing effective fault-tolerant systems.

Getting Started

Catalyst is very easy for any software engineer familiar with NodeJS or Java platforms to get started with right away. 

Backend Software Engineers and experts in Developer Operations / Security Operations would get some rest because all the tools needed to build app management features are accessible from Catalyst.

File storage and caching even on large volumes of data come handy with tools for Artificial Intelligence and resources for app operations.

Organize app storage

Relational Data Store

Store and retrieve data in large volumes using a managed relational data store.


Store and retrieve all user-generated content including but not limited to images, videos, documents and others faster.


Use key-value based backend caching to accelerate your applications and functions.

Power apps with AI


Use predictions and forecasting to solve complex data science problems with AutoML framework.


Use advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) APIs to scan paper documents, receipts, and more.

Object Recognition

Detect objects in images by using API calls.

Face Analytics

Use face analytics for facial detection in images and computational analysis. Access features like smile, age, and gender.

Image Moderation

Use image moderation to inspect and identify inappropriate and unsafe content in images.

Barcode Scanning

Use barcode scanning in your applications to scan barcodes in standard formats and extract encoded information.

Text Analytics

Analyse text to extract keywords and phrases, categorize identified entities, and recognize tone.


Use no-code to build, train, evaluate and deploy ML models that facilitate data driven decision making.


Use ready to implement AI solutions from Zoho to power your business.


Build intelligent NLP-based chatbots that use text for conversations.

Extend app capabilities

API Gateway

Setup and manage REST APIs with HTTP functions and web clients that use an API Gateway.

User Authentication

Provide registration and authentication of app users with a single line of code.

Web Client Hosting

Host web applications setup to be served securely over HTTPs.

Logging and Metrics

Setup logging and metrics to diagnose app performance.

Mobile Analytics

Setup in-app analytics, crash reporting, and usage stats for mobile applications.


Send transactional emails to millions of recipients using only a single API call.

Push Notifications

Send push notifications to users of web and mobile apps (applies to only iOS for now).

ZCQL Console

Execute and test data queries using Zoho Catalyst Query Language (ZCQL) Console.

Security Rules

Define invocation and access rules for Catalyst Basic I/O and Advanced I/O functions.


Search data in indexed columns of tables from the Catalyst Data Store.


Use Catalyst Application Performance Monitoring (APM) to get valuable and in-depth insights on Catalyst app usage.

Domain Mapping

Map domain names with production URLs of Catalyst apps.

Automation Testing

Automate API testing, perform root cause analysis on failed APIs with real-time reports and results from debugging.

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