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Zoho Connect

Zoho Connect is an intranet solution for driving work culture and social advocacy through community.

With this software, you can:

  • Setup themed feeds for ideas and feedback.
  • Create team spaces and knowledge bases.
  • Create and share manuals and documents.
  • Integrate workflows with third-party apps.
  • Manage reports, policies, and customizations.

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Zoho Connect for Employees

To develop a great work culture in your team, Zoho Connect for Employees comes with features that help everyone collaborate better and enjoy their work through gamification for rewarding performance.

Zoho Connect for Community

To drive social advocacy, you can create external networks for your partners and other groups affiliated with your team. Each community can host unlimited members to share and collaborate on causes they care about.

Zoho Connect for teams

Zoho Connect redefines working together with multiple teams.

Smart Task Automation

Automate task management with board templates in Zoho Connect.

The Ultimate Edition

Get acquainted with the features of Zoho Connect Ultimate Edition.

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