Web Work Tools

Our Journey

March 2024: Zoho Vault and Zoho Campaigns
In the month of March 2024, we helped customers to recover, protect and utilize their digital assets a lot better.

We start selling Zoho Vault, an app for managing passwords and sensitive data. We also started selling Zoho Campaigns, a platform for creating content and productively engaging target customer audiences through email marketing. Our customers can now achieve their long term marketing goals using targeted email marketing.
February 2024: DAP One & Staging Qntrl
In the month of February 2024, we focused on learning initiatives and we closed some good deals via referrals.

The Developer Apprenticeship Programme (DAP) One commenced and ended with work opportunities for the team of learners. We finally signed to start selling Qntrl, a workflow manager by a different division of Zoho. 
January 2024: Her Essence Conference - Hybrid
In January 2024, we started by teaching customers all they need to know about Zoho One and Zoho Workplace. Afterwards, we started engagements for the causes to stage and support throughout the year 2024.

For starters, we collaborated with the Zoho Backstage team to power up Her Essence Conference planned to hold in April 2024, an event that brings great women together all working together to help others seeking career growth.
December 2023: Product Growth
We started offering Zoho Commerce and supported customers to achieve product growth.

The month of December 2023 was spent majorly on improving Zoho Commerce. Later on, we started working with the Zoho Partner Team in Middle East & Africa to plan for bigger goals next year. 

On Friday, 29th December 2023, we published a statement via a live video on our focus for the year 2024, GREATER HEIGHTS - to help businesses prepare for achieving long term growth.
November 2023: Sales & Marketing
We started offering Zoho CRM Plus from November 2023 and onboarded a government customer. 

In this same month, we received a company that provides support to other companies as they signed up to Zoho CRM Plus for all their existing and future brands. We also started providing Zoho Marketing Plus for marketing agencies to manage their marketing campaigns as projects where all they need for each campaign is in one dashboard. 
October 2023: Bulk Onboarding
We got invited to onboard a group of 7 companies to Zoho People and Zoho People Plus bundle. 

This is a big win for us because we were just getting started with these products. Each of the companies have started deploying features for tracking attendance, managing employee records and even recruitment across job boards.
September 2023: Finance and HR
We got new customers who were getting started with managing finances and on-site / remote teams. Since September 2023, we started offering Zoho Finance Plus and Zoho People Plus to foster productivity. 

Afterwards, we received a Chartered Accountant to support customers getting started with Zoho Finance Plus.
August 2023: The DIVE 2023 - Hybrid
In August 2023, we worked with the team at Zoho Backstage and got great co-operation with the ProductDive team to deliver a hybrid event for The DIVE 2023, the largest Product Leaders Conference in Africa. 

We worked with the media team to engage 5 hall hosts for successful simultaneous live streaming. All leads and recordings were delivered to the ProductDive team following the successful event by ProductDive.
July 2023: Zoho Creator and More
July was a month of learning. The winners who received Zoho Wallet Credits from the Ladies Can Tech Challenge started challenging themselves in learning Zoho Creator even further. Some of them started engaging in passion projects while others learned to build with other no-code / low-code apps like Zoho Sites and Zoho Commerce. 

Learning began through Zoho Creator Preview Sessions prior to the course launch on 7th August 2023.
June 2023: Ladies Can Tech Agenda
The month of June was dedicated to all the ladies in Port Harcourt. We hosted the Ladies Can Tech Challenge With Zoho Creator. At the hackathon, participants included over 140 women, 8 finalists who built apps in 4 hours. Then 3 winners received Wallet Credits to use Zoho Creator Plus (Zoho Creator, Zoho Flow and Zoho Analytics) for 1 year free.

A learning journey began with the hackathon participants. Today, everyone can start learning through our community.
April 2023: New Equipped Office
In the month of April, we spent our final days at KoWork Facility as we worked towards new training agenda to kick off in the month of May 2023. 

We moved away from KoWork to our new office at Ada-George where we can host physical trainings in a very comfortable space equipped with 30 computers for 30 people who would learn to work smarter. 

Sticking to agenda of marking footprints, we got set to support content creators and their clients with work software.
March 2023: Discover TrainerCentral
The month of March exposed us to opportunities. Some great coaches started working from home with their teams. We made a promise in 2022 to train people on building apps with Zoho Creator but some became trainers as well. 

We needed to stick to a pilot product for training so TrainerCentral was the best fit. After reviews, on 23rd March 2023, we officially signed a partnership deal with Zoho to build a learning academies using TrainerCentral.
February 2023: Zoho One + Creator
We began building apps for schools earlier in the year using Zoho Creator. Afterwards, we developed a product for managing church growth. We demonstrated apps built to help organisations work smarter.  

Using Zoho Creator with Zoho One, we explored limitless possibilities for organisations to grow faster.
January 2023: Catalyst by Zoho
In January 2023, we started hosting live workshops with schools to guide them on building their admission apps using a sample app we developed with no-code using Zoho Creator and the programme ended in February 2023.

Before this time, we needed a code based alternative to build apps for those who seek to manage transactions. After reviews, on 20th January 2023, we officially signed a partnership deal with Zoho to help clients build smarter apps using Catalyst by Zoho.
2022 - REFORMS
December 2022: Web Services
In November 2022, we launched the Get Your Website Ready (GYWR) campaign to help every entrepreneur committed to enabling their growth with us. This event took place from 1st to 3rd December 2022.
October 2022: The Future
Starting October 2022, Web Work Tools Limited has been introduced as Software Provider anywhere the team is identified in promoting or supporting business growth causes.
September 2022: Rebranding
In September 2022, we decided to rebrand the company on the values I-TRUST-U explained in company statements to assure more commitment and seek trust in delivering customer success.
August 2022: Advocacy and Growth
We engaged a Developer Advocate in August 2022. He trained software engineers to become experts with Zoho Creator and Zoho Catalyst. He also prepared an engineering team focused on training and supporting customers for deep technology integrations with Zoho products.

Following this, we engaged prospective affiliates and supporters in training, which closed with the company's first in-person event tagged Build a Thriving Workplace. It took place on August 31st, 2022.
July 2022: Doing More With Zoho
In June 2022, Zoho Corporation held its first Zoholics Conference in Lagos, Nigeria. We attended and collaborated with the Zoho Partner Team supporting the Middle East and Africa.

After reviews, in July 2022, Zoho Corporation extended its partnership with us to provide Zoho One.
April 2022: Digital Marketing Goals
We engaged a Digital Marketing Partner in April 2022.

From April to July 2022, we hosted events where Zoho products were introduced live on social media. Our Digital Marketing Partner featured in the very first online event.
October 2021: Zoho Partnership
We found that Zoho Corporation was the best cultural fit for customers, so we requested engagement with the giant as a Workplace Partner. On October 28th, 2021, Zoho Corporation signed with Web Work Tools Limited to engage the company as an Authorized Partner. 

After training and support, Zoho Corporation extended its partnership with Web Work Tools Limited for the provision of individual Zoho Workplace products, Zoho Sites, and Zoho Assist.

We served our first Zoho customer in December 2021.
July 2021: Change in Memberships
By July 2021, the research team members working with Mr. Onerhime left the company, so a new member joined afterwards. The pilot product was discontinued, then partnerships and social advocacy were introduced.

We started exploring a partnership opportunity with one of the technology giants being researched.
February 2021: Formalized Research
On February 2nd, 2021, Web Work Tools Limited was incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria with Registration No. 1751338Following this, the pilot product was regularly reviewed and tested by prospective customers who provided feedback for months.
January 2021: Pilot Product Launch
Every day, Mr. Onerhime conducted tests with various popular technology giants. In fact, he was setting up Microsoft Azure while people were celebrating the New Year on January 1st, 2021. In the first week of that same year, he started developing web-based apps to understand user expectations while testing products by tech giants.

To formalize this research, he had to set up a company, so he invited two friends to support him as stakeholders. While he built the product, they engaged in review and contributed to the setup. 

On January 29th, 2021, Business Suite CRM was launched.
2020 - BIRTH
December 2020: Birthed by Research
Towards the end of the year 2020, following the COVID-19 pandemic, companies were getting used to the new normal of working remotely. On December 1st, 2020, Mr. Emuobosa Onerhime shared a survey with companies he had helped to setup email and web services in 20 years.

Based on collective feedback and research on their needs, they all requested help with software to optimize their operations and manage the people they work with. On December 7th, 2020, Mr. Onerhime registered the domain name "webworktools.com" to secure it prior to future company registration.