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7 Awesome and Free Tips To Get Web Design Clients Fast

03/05/2022 12:45:00 By Bosa
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Getting web design clients is the goal of every website designer. However, attracting clients consistently is equally important.

Many freelance web designers get a lot of clients in one month but in the next, they get fewer or no clients.

This feast to famine cycle is bad for business and the reason we decided to share 7 tips to help you get clients faster.

Working as a freelancer yields mostly active income. When you are very busy working on client projects, there's little or no time left for sales.

If this is your case, you already know that when all the projects are done and you get back to marketing, it might take months to get clients again and the circle repeats.

A lot of designers wait for referrals to get hired but this isn't a feasible strategy if you truly want to avoid the feast to famine cycle.

So regardless of whether you're just starting out in looking for your first client, you already have hundreds of projects under your belt, or you just need one or two more, here are 7 things you should do to get them fast.

7 Awesome Tips To Help You Get Web Design Clients in 30 Days or Less without spending any money

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1. Reach out to people in your network

People you know would usually support your business if you have a good reputation.

When they don't need web design services, they can refer you to people in their network who do.

That's why it is important to reach out to them and specifically ask them to tell people in their network about what you do. 

A lot of designers are leaving money on the table by not implementing this simple method that costs nothing.

Make a list of everyone in your network that has an online presence. After that, write out a short email telling them about the services you provide, the kind of clients you work with and encourage them to refer you to people in their network.

To make this easy for them, you could include a short script they could copy and paste or a graphic with all the info they could share on their social media platforms. Make sure this isn't automated. You have to reach out to everyone individually and always start your email or chat by asking about them. 

Make it as personal as possible and write the way you talk.

They would be more inclined to help you promote your business when they know it wasn't just a broadcast message.
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2. Upsell your services to existing clients

A lot of times, you can double your income with the clients you already have.

Scouting for new clients all the time is not a sustainable way to grow your business. It is easier to sell your services to clients who have already seen the value of working with you than sell to brand new clients.

If you already have an established client base it's time to use it to your advantage.

What you need now is a clear thought on all the things you can help your clients with when it comes to their website (or whatever service you provide).

With this, make a list of your current and past clients, and what you can offer to make their lives easier.

What other problems do they have and how can you solve these problems for them?

Imagine that you built a website for a client and handed it over completely without seeking additional work like managing the website or building landing pages on demand. Clients don't want to be saddled with the responsibility of maintaining their website because most of them are not techy and always afraid to break something.

You could offer to do it for them and set up a monthly contract for maintaining their website. A huge task will be taken off their plate and you would have some good money in your pocket for very little work.

When upselling to past clients, don't try to pitch directly.

Instead, ask about their business or whatever project they are working on. Then tell them about a problem you noticed they have on their website and how to solve it easily. This helps them know that you have their best interest at heart and you are looking out for them even when your project has closed.

Sometimes, they would just offer you the money to do the task for them and you would have secured additional work (and income).

However, if they decide to do it on their own or it's a really small task that would not fetch you any reasonable amount of money, I recommend that you pitch to them, the benefits of investing in additional services.

You could talk about the benefits of hiring someone to monitor performance and make sure their website is not at risk.
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3. Ask past clients for referrals

Sometimes past clients might not have any more work for you in their business.

All hope is not lost. You can still benefit from the relationship you have built with them. If they don't have any work for you in their business, they might know someone who does.

You're more likely to get a gig when you are referred by someone who trusts you than a lead from cold emails.

With testimonials, the best time to ask for referrals is right after completing a project, while the client is still very happy and excited about what you've created for them.

Over time, we've found that some clients really want to give you a testimonial but they just don't have the right words so they put it off for later until later becomes never and you get tired of following up.

To solve this problem, create a form. You can use Zoho Forms, embed it on your website and integrate with Zoho CRM to build your contact list.

Ask questions that will help you write testimonials for them. You can use questions like:
  • What were your fears in getting a designer?
  • What do you like most about working with me?
  • Do you feel like you got the (insert deliverable) you wanted?
  • Would you refer / recommend me to people in your network?
  • etc. 

Don't forget to include the question on referral. If they're happy with your work, they'll always say yes.

Again, with testimonials, some clients want to refer you but don't have the right words so they procrastinate. Your job is to make it easy for them.

Send a simple script they can copy and paste to your potential clients in their network.
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4. Collaborate with other freelancers / businesses in your niche

Look for other freelancers or agencies who serve the same type of clients and reach out to them to pitch your partnership idea.

For example, you can partner with a copywriter. Most copywriters don't do web design so they could introduce your service to their clients who need their sales offer pages or websites redesigned.

Their clients would be happy to get all in one services instead of looking for designers on their own.

This kind of collaboration is always a win for all parties. Your partner would offer your services to their clients so you get access to your partner's existing and future client base for selling your services.

That said, don't be shy! Pitch to your potential partners. Highlight the benefits they'd get out of the deal and how valuable it would be for their clients. 

Be sure to follow up at least two times if you don't hear back after your first email because life gets in the way sometimes.
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5. Get clear on the kind of clients you want to work with

Knowing the kind of clients you want to work with would make your life easier.

1. Do you prefer e-commerce business owners or thought leaders?
2. How much do they earn and where do they hang out online?
3. What do they spend money on and where are they located?

Answers to these questions include details you need to adequately sell your services in a way that speaks to the people who really need you and can't wait to pay you well to work with them.

If you are willing or even looking to provide your services to "anyone" who needs web design services, you are doing it wrong and will have a hard time getting any clients.

The moment you get clear on who your ideal client is, everything else will become 10X easier.

You’ll get better results from your marketing because your ideal clients would quickly see why your service is worth their investment.
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6. Offer lead magnets

Getting clear on your ideal client will help you come up with outstanding lead magnets that would have your target clients falling over each other, trying to get their hands on a piece.

Your lead magnet is a small info product that you give your target audience in exchange for their email address(es).

The lead magnet positions you as an authority; someone that is helpful and kind, and gets them into a space where you can get their attention (your email list) before selling your services.

A lead magnet is something that'll cost you nothing and could be anything from a one paged checklist, 10-paged e-book or even a case study.

It should not take a lot of time or money to put together.

When your lead magnet is ready, start sharing! Put it everywhere your target audience hangs out; social media, website, etc.
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7. Write helpful blog posts

Think about what your ideal clients search for and write helpful content on those topics.

This is important because your clients will not be searching for your brand name. They'll be looking for answers to the questions that keep them up at night about their website.

Blogging is a strategy that might not yield results immediately, but would yield amazing results in the long term if you do it the right way.

Implementing content upgrades (also known as lead magnets) to your blog will help you attract website visitors and take them through your sales funnel.

You'll start getting clients consistently when you adopt these free strategies and balance the time you spend working on client projects while promoting your business. This is necessary to avoid going from feast to famine.

Don't forget all about your business when you have lots of clients or you will be left out in the cold when all your projects are done.

Is there any other free strategy you use in your business? Please share in a comment.